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Gardening Checklist- June


• Apply a second fertilizer treatment to turf grass. It should be a slow release high nitrogen fertilizer.  

• Prune fall blooming perennials such as chrysanthemums, asters, Mexican mint marigolds, and Mexican bush sage to keep them compact. 

• If a new crape myrtle is in your future, be sure you know the color, size, and characteristics before purchasing. 

• Be sure to water turf, shrubs, and bedding plants deeply. Avoid watering in the evening and on windy days. 

• When planting new red oaks and Chinese Pistache trees, wrap the trunks with tree wrap to avoid sun scald and tree borers. 

• Container plants and hanging baskets should be fertilized with a water soluble fertilizer. 

• Watch crape myrtles for aphids and scale. Treat with an appropriate product.

• Prune salvias and other perennials that have spent blooms to promote new growth. 

• Continue planting sun loving annuals such as Cora Vinca, Pentas, moss rose, purslane, and marigolds. 

• Monitor rose bushes for rose rosette disease. Remove entire plants & bag any rose that is affected.