MicroLife Humates Plus

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MicroLife Humate Plus is a powerful, granular applied, biological plant/soil amendment that packs an incredible nutritional punch as well. This is a well designed product; the Yucca wetting agent opens up the soil allowing the nutrition and inoculants to drop to the root zone. The Humates feed the indigenous microbes and the newly introduced microbes. Humates and seaweed provide over 70 minerals, plant hormones and plant stimulators. The plants achieve a much higher state of health and performance. Soils also improve which lead to greater water conservation. Plus we get more oxygen flow around the root, which leads to less disease problems and greater plant performance.

Outstanding for all turfgrass fertilizations and new sod installs! With MicroLife Humates Plus you’ll get many essential benefits:

  • Accelerated plant and soil health at a very reasonable cost
  • A huge alternative to the junk fertilizers offered by many
  • Completely Organic, stays true to “Going Green”
  • Improved water conservation
  • Increased color and vigor without increasing clippings density