Red Yucca

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Hesperaloe​ ​parviflora

FULL SUN - Morning and afternoon sun.  PARTIAL SHADE - Full Morning and partial protection from mid-day sun.  POLLINATOR - Provides food and habitat for pollinators.  SUITABLE FOR POTS - Performs well in containers.  NATIVE  FLOWERING       

This native of SW Texas is a clump-forming perennial with arching green long leaves with peeling fibrous margins. Small nodding pink to red bell-shaped flowers open on slender flower stalks in the summer. Evergreen. Protect from excessive winter moisture. Very drought tolerant. Use in groups in landscape or in container to provide a unique texture. Cultivar Brakelights® 'Perpa' has dark bright red flowers.

Type: Evergreen
Average size in the landscape: ALS-3'T x 6'W
Average height: 4'
Bloom Time: Summer
Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Water Usage: Medium