Yellow Yucca

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Hesperaloe​ ​parviflora

FULL SUN - Morning and afternoon sun.  PARTIAL SHADE - Full Morning and partial protection from mid-day sun.  POLLINATOR - Provides food and habitat for pollinators.  SUITABLE FOR POTS - Performs well in containers.  NATIVE  FLOWERING       

This native of SW Texas is a clump-forming perennial with arching green long leaves with peeling fibrous margins. Small Yellow flowers open on slender flower stalks in the summer. Evergreen. Protect from excessive winter moisture. Very drought tolerant. Use in groups in landscape or in container to provide a unique texture. .

Type: Evergreen
Average size in the landscape: ALS-3'T x 6'W
Average height: 4'
Bloom Time: Summer
Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Water Usage: Medium