Purple Heart

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Setcreasea​ ​pallida

FULL SUN - Morning and afternoon sun.  PARTIAL SHADE - Full Morning and partial protection from mid-day sun.  POLLINATOR - Provides food and habitat for pollinators.  SUITABLE FOR POTS - Performs well in containers.  FLOWERING

Also known as Wandering Jew, this plant is prized for its beautiful purple foliage and tiny pink to purple flowers. Foliage colors best in full sun. A good plant for ground cover, hanging baskets or patio containers. Plants freeze back to the ground with hard frost but quickly return once warm weather arrives. Very easy to grow.

Average size in the landscape: ALS-12-18" x 12-18"
Average height: 12-18"
Bloom Time: Spring to Summer
Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Water Usage: Medium